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Our Approach to

Rec Therapy

Maple Lake Academy was honored with the “Utah Recreation Therapy Association Outstanding Program Award” on April 1, 2011.

The Utah Recreation Therapy Association, whose membership includes the entire intermountain area, chose Maple Lake Academy for this award because of their outstanding recreation therapy program.

Goal-oriented Individual, Group, and Family Sessions

Our recreation therapy (RT) program utilizes goal-oriented individual, group, and family sessions to increase students’ knowledge of themselves as well as to enhance feelings of trust, responsibility, self-esteem, cooperation, adaptability, awareness and decision making.

Benefits experienced by students who participate in RT at Maple Lake Academy include:

  • Countless opportunities to learn and practice communication and social skills while working as a team member in community tasks.
  • Frequent occasions for the student to gain leadership skills through planning, development and implementation of recreation therapy activities as task leader.
  • Community service projects help students understand their role and importance in society.
  • Greater opportunities for personal growth and progress through participating in tasks that are perceived to be challenging.
  • Leisure participation, social integration, and problem resolution.