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About Us

Watching our students and their families blossom in success.

Our Story

“What if there was a program designed to work with students who have spectrum issues, social/communication challenges and possibly learning difficulties?”

The inspiration for Maple Lake Academy came in 2003 when Patti Hollenbeck-Dial, Phd had the opportunity to work with her first Asperger’s client. Patti was working as a therapist in a Residential Treatment Center at the time that had a level system and a mainly neurotypical group of adolescent girls with various diagnoses. Nichol Holwege also worked at the same RTC. As they witnessed how difficult it was for her Asperger’s client to navigate the level system and social milieu with a limited number of coping skills and awareness, the questions seemed obvious. “What if there was a safe program for girls specifically designed to work with students who have spectrum issues, social/communication challenges and possibly learning difficulties?”

“What if the therapists and staff truly understood this population and had the passion and dedication to individualize each girl’s program to meet their unique needs?”“What if this program provided a community of students who understood each other and formed close and long lasting friendships?” After looking for a program like this already available for these students, it became clear that none existed. This became the driving force behind the development of Maple Lake Academy. The Girls School at Maple Lake Academy opened in July of 2005 and the Boys School followed in June of 2011. This journey of growth and development has been nothing short of wonderful. It has been and continues to be a passionate work that is extremely fulfilling as we watch our students and their families blossom in success!

Mission & Philosophy

Maple Lake Academy believes:

  • Students must be given the opportunity to discover their unique talents and gifts.
  • Student have the right to gain an understanding of their particular learning differences and to develop skills and strategies that will help them to succeed in their  interpersonal relationships with family, academic and social environments.
  • Family support and involvement is an integral part of the overall success for students with learning differences.
  • Students have the right to an excellent education that is designed to meet the needs of their specific learning differences.
  • All people involved in the process of growth – students, parents, therapists, teachers and staff must be willing to use their creativity and desire for knowledge to help the student embrace life and learning, one success at a time.

Located in Scenic Spanish Fork, Utah.

Our girls and boys campuses are located on two separate farms located within a mile of each other. We are five miles outside the safe and resourceful community of Spanish Fork, Utah. Establishing Maple Lake Academy on farms was a purposeful decision, giving our students the quietude and peace that only a farm can give. The animals and open spaces offer comfort and opportunities for our students to center themselves and find the tender moments of play and exploration. In addition, students can reap the benefit of community service and sports programming, volunteer and employment opportunities, and participation in the arts, museums and college experiences found in nearby Provo and Salt Lake City.