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Our Approach

A Specialized Program with Verbal and Non-Verbal Learning Disabilities.

Emotional Health and Nurturing

The small size of our student population is powerful in assuring an intensive, individualized program for each student and family. Our students feel the support offered through the love and boundaries of our program.


Maple Lake Academy includes an accredited high school academic program through Cognia. Our curriculum follows the Utah Core Standards with credit that transfers statewide. Our Academic program is dedicated to high quality and highly individualized classes for all of our students.

Rec Therapy

Maple Lake Academy was honored with the “Utah Recreation Therapy Association Outstanding Program Award “ on April 1, 2011. The Utah Recreation Therapy Association, whose membership includes the entire intermountain area, chose Maple Lake Academy for this award because of their outstanding recreation therapy program.

Equine-Assisted Therapy Program

The focus of our Equine Program is to provide students the opportunity to learn many aspects of horsemanship in the spirit of compassion and friendship for animals and for each other. MLA offers a climate of learning in which each student may accomplish personal goals within the context of a challenging but flexible program. We are committed to a teaching and learning process that equips our riders with the critical skills necessary to enjoy a safe and rewarding equine experience. Our method of instruction enables students to deal with the horses and many aspects of their care and training in the most humane and respectful manner, without the use of force or punishment.

Student girl riding horse

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How Equine-Assisted Therapy Can Help

Horses are sentient beings with feelings, thoughts, emotions, memories and empathic abilities. Riders learn how to communicate with each horse they ride and they come to a new understanding that even horses have unique personalities that may require different ways of interaction. As our students learn how to form successful and healthy relationships with the horses, they learn the skills necessary to transfer these new relationship skills to the people in their lives. Through handling of the horses, riders gain an important sense of responsibility for the well being and survival of an animal dependent on their care. In addition, the equine program helps students to obtain improved self-esteem and physical strength/balance that builds confidence in their abilities.

Our students may participate in English riding lessons (Dressage, Jumping, Equitation) and Western riding lessons (Pleasure, Trail, Gaming events). Riding lessons are developed to suit each individual’s capability, needs and desire to learn. The Equine Program at Maple Lake is by far one of the most favorite aspects of our program for many of our students.

For Girls

The girls program is a small community of 15 girls, who are bright, talented and seeking friendships and understanding. We are aware of the failures and fears our girls have experienced in their lives. Because of this, we provide a loving and balanced program that offers the support and the challenge necessary to stretch our girls to their potential.

Our Success Program

The SUCCESS program guides the students in developing the skills they need to become successful within each core area.

An important end goal of the SUCCESS program is to encourage our students to become “experts in themselves” by becoming aware of their own learning styles, strengths and challenges.  As experts, they will be able to advocate for themselves in their future academic and employment pursuits, and in their relationships. At the completion of the SUCCESS program, our students are much more confident in their abilities and have the tools they need to build lives of change and independence. Family members are also asked to  learn and practice skill competencies along with the student in all areas of the SUCCESS program.




Choices & Change

Example through Leadership

Social Skills Training

Strengths Training