Our Students

Maple Lake Academy is a small residential program.

Our students are bright with great potential to succeed far above the level of functioning they demonstrate before coming to Maple Lake. Because of our intensive clinical programming, verbal abilities of our students must be average ability or above.  Many of our students have challenges in other areas of their cognitive profile (Perceptual Reasoning, Working Memory, Processing Speed, for example).

When students are considered for Maple Lake, they must not have histories of aggressive behaviors outside of the home, participated heavily in drugs or alcohol use, have an active eating disorder (our students may have a history of “picky” eating or only eating from the “white diet”) or are currently suicidal. We find that our students are thought of as “soft kids” with lots of anxiety and/or depression, difficulties in regulating their emotions, a poor history of making and keeping healthy friends, and are deeply desirous of having connections with others and close friends.

A Day in the Life

Our daily programming offers countless opportunities for our students to practice all the new skills they are learning in forming and maintaining healthy relationships with peers and staff, consistency in therapeutic growth regarding personal issues, self awareness and family relationships, emotional regulation, personal hygiene, organization and time management, and implementation of new academic skills while in classes and study hall.

Weekend Schedules also expect that our students participate in personal hygiene, chores, and a study hall. Weekends vary in that wake up time is at 8 a.m. and there are community activities planned, workout at the local gym, off campus activities, movie night and free time.