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Frequently Asked Questions

If my child is behind in school, can you help them catch up?

Yes, we have a year round academic program with the flexibility to accommodate individual students needs.

Do you have groups or therapy that addresses gaming addictions and/or pornography addiction?

Yes, students participate in group therapy several times a week. We often have specialty groups designed to treat different issues that are relevant to our current community.

Is my child required to participate if they have allergies or simply are not interested in riding horses or petting the other animals?

Students who are unable to participate in the Equine program will be given other opportunities instead. We will encourage students with allergies to take precautions.

Are the psychiatrist fees included in the tuition or are they extra? How often is the psychiatrist on campus?

Psychiatrist fees are included in the monthly tuition cost.  Our psychiatrist is on campus every other week and more often when needed.

How much physical activity is there for my child to participate in weekly?

Students participate in P.E. classes as a part of their academic schedule, attendance at the local gym, Yoga, horseback riding, hiking, and outdoor sports on campus.  We also have students that participate in local races (5K, half marathons).

What is your policy about electronic devices? Video gaming?

Students may use personal laptops in school classes only. No video games are played at Maple Lake Academy. We prefer students to learn how to relate to each other and participate in interactive play with their peers and our staff. Electronics and video gaming may be integrated slowly during the final phases of the Maple Lake Academy programming and on passes with the family.

Do you have any animals at Maple Lake?

Yes, we have an amazing Equine component to our program. In addition, both campuses have cats. Some therapists have dogs that they bring to work (and a Lizard).

Can my child attend church or other religious holidays?

Yes, students are encouraged to participate in their religious holidays and celebrations.

Is there an application fee or other fees besides the monthly tuition?

There is no application fee.  At the time of admission, we do ask the parents to deposit $1,000 into a trust fund for their student to cover copays, clothing needs, and incidentals that come up during a student’s stay.