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Patti Hollenbeck-Dial, Ph.D. - Admissions

Dr. Patti Hollenbeck-Dial has twenty two years of extensive experience in working with adolescents. With a doctorate in Marriage and Family Therapy, Patti has specialized in working as a therapist with adolescents and their families in private practice for 6 years and in residential treatment for 11 years. Prior to being a therapist, she was a full time educator, teaching biology to junior high and high school students for five years.

During her experiences as a therapist, Dr. Hollenbeck-Dial has worked intensely with adolescents diagnosed with language based and nonverbal learning disorders, depression, bipolar disorder, chemical dependency and abuse, oppositional defiant disorder, eating disorders, borderline personality disorder, codependency issues, trauma issues, and attachment disorder. One of her favorite passions is working with families in family therapy to develop or to re-establish healthy ways of working together.

Patti is a dedicated mother of one daughter and feels it a privilege to work with so many daughters of other mothers and fathers. She lives on a small farm and enjoys raising milk goats, hiking, gardening, and horseback riding in the nearby mountains with her family. Continual education and growth are integral pieces of her life.

Patti Hollenbeck-Dial, Ph.D. - Admissions

Nichol Holwege - Program Director

Nichol Holwege began her experience as an intern at the Utah State Hospital working on the Youth Unit where she led daily recreational groups. For the last 10 years Nichol has worked in residential treatment with adolescent girls and has found this to be her passion.

Nichol obtained her Bachelors Degree in Recreational Therapy from Brigham Young University. Through her experience and education at various workshops, Nichol has specialized working with adolescents with oppositional defiant disorder, depression, borderline personality disorder, substance abuse, eating disorders, trauma and those with various learning differences. Nichol has a natural ability and talent in working with adolescents and has helped many see their potential and achieve challenging goals. Nichol is also a member of Learning Disabilities Association of America (LDA) and Nonverbal Learning Disorders Association (NLDA).

Nichol Holwege - Residential Director

Karen Nickl, Ph.D. - Psychologist

Karen has a PhD in counseling psychology from Northern Arizona University. She is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist, and Licensed Professional Counselor in the State of Utah.

Prior to joining Maple Lake Academy, Karen gained clinical experience working with children and families at Catholic Social Services in Flagstaff, Arizona, the Children's Center in Salt Lake City, Utah, The Institute of Marriage and Family Counseling, in Ogden, Utah, and Outback Therapeutic Expeditions, in Lehi, Utah.

Karen has knowledge and expertise in developmental disorders and non-verbal learning disabilities of children. Drawing heavily upon her attachment theory emphasis she is especially insightful of children with attachment or adoption issues. She uses varied and exciting techniques like psychodrama, role play, and meditative strategies to her group therapy sessions and really engages kids in the process. The students respond to her kind, straight forward approach.

Parents trust the wisdom Karen has from her clinical experience and especially appreciate the insight she's gained from being a parent herself. Educational Consultants and referring home therapists depend upon Karen's accurate feedback and sound judgment.

Karen Nickl, Ph.D. - Therapist

Denise Larouche, LPC - Therapist

Denise has her degree as a Licensed Professional Counselor. She has tremendous enthusiasm for working with adolescents and their families. Denise loves the challenges of working with students with learning disabilities, as well as difficult emotional / behavioral problems. Denise's clinical experience has been obtained through working with CBTS (Community Based Transition Services) in Salt Lake City working with adolescents to obtain the skills and knowledge needed for independent living, working with DCFS (Department of Children and Family Services) and JJS (Juvenile Justice Services) in Salt Lake City working with high-risk (substance abuse, parent-child conflict, and oppositional defiance) adolescents in foster care, working as an advocate for victims of domestic violence with the West Valley City Advocacy Program, and working at First Step House in North Salt Lake a facility for adult substance abuse.

Denise has proficiency in working with adolescents with developmental disabilities, Asperger's, NLD, and LD. She also has experience working with adolescent issues such as depression, anxiety, ADHD, ADD, and attachment and adoption issues. Denise is a "Certified Instructor" for the Beyond Consequences Institute which is based on the book, Beyond Consequences, Logic, and Control; A love Based Approach to Helping Children With Severe Behaviors, founded by Heather Forbes, LCSW.

Denise wants to empower parents and their daughters to overcome their challenges. Denise believes that every child should have the opportunity to be parented out of love. Denise has achieved additional insight from being a parent herself. She has 3 married children and 3 beautiful granddaughters. Denise is devoted to spending time with her family. She absolutely loves being a Grandma and enjoys traveling anywhere she can with her amazing husband, Martin.

Denise Larouche, CPCI – Therapist

Logan Valentine, LCSW

Logan is a licensed therapist who has worked clinically with adolescents over the past thirty years. He has worked in a variety of clinical settings, specializing in childhood and adolescent disorders. Logan specializes with psychiatric disorders that include; Asperger's disorder, Autism, Bipolar disorder, Depressive disorders, substance abuse, Tourette's, trauma, psychosis, and comorbidities with these illnesses. He has been a clinical supervisor of student interns for the past 15 years. Logan graduated from Arizona State University in psychology and interpersonal relations. He has presented in juried presentations at the National Conference of the National Association of Social Work, the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapists annual conference. Recently he presented at the National Association of Therapeutic Schools and Programs' annual conference. He is married to a delightful partner, Patricia, of 27 years, and have eight children. All of his children are now adults. He loves to travel, play with his seven wonderful grandchildren, play hockey with his younger sons, and engage in waterskiing and snow skiing.

Logan Valentine, LCSW

Wendy LeFevre - Educational Director

Wendy LeFevre gradutated from the University of Utah with a Bachelors Degree in Mathematics and a Coaching Minor. She has experience teaching and coaching junior high and high school students as well as many years of private tutoring. Wendy has a passion for teaching and working with adolescents. She will bring a positive attitude and willingness to help each girl reach their potential.

Outside of school, Wendy is very busy keeping up with her husband and four kids. They love the outdoors and take advantage of the four seasons and amazing Utah environment--camping, mountain biking, 4-wheeling and snowboarding.

Wendy LeFevre- Educational Director

Deanne Shields - Special Education Coordinator

Deeane was born and raised in Utah. She received a B.S. degree in Zoology Composite Teaching and a M.Ed. in Educational Psychology from Brigham Young University. Deeanne worked for 18 years at Provo Canyon School. While there she taught a variety of science and special education classes. She was also an Academic Supervisor and the Special Education Coordinator. Deeanne worked with students, parents, school districts and mental health agencies in developing and implementing Individual Education Plans (IEP’s).

In her spare time, Deeanne reads, gardens and supports the interests and talents of her four unique children.

Deanna Shields - Special Education Coordinator

Michelle Broadbent "Shelley", B.S., R.N. - Nursing Director

Michelle Broadbent has been a registered nurse for thirty two years.  She received her nursing degree from Brigham Young University.  Her vast experience includes but is not limited to prenatal and obstetrics,  immunization and travel nursing, family medicine, and home health care.   Michelle feels that in addition to her clinical experience she has gained a great deal of practical experience from rearing her eight children (five daughters and three sons).  Michelle’s unique dedication and commitment to quality care in working with the adolescents at Maple Lake Academy, comes from a highly professional and very personal approach that centers on treating each girl as if she were her own daughter.  In her leisure time, Michelle enjoys sewing, cooking and showing/breeding exotic Himalayan and Burmese cats.

Michelle  Broadbent (Shelley), B.S., R.N. - Nursing Director

Karie Swenson, CTRS, MA - Recreation Therapy Director

Karie Swenson received her Masters Degree in Recreation Therapy from Brigham Young University and is Nationally Certified. In her twenty-two years of experience as a recreation therapist, Karie has worked intensively with adolescents and adults diagnosed with learning disabilities, attachment issues, depression, bi-polar disorder, chemical dependence and abuse, oppositional defiant disorder, eating disorders, personality disorders, and trauma issues.

Karie believes in the power of experiential therapy. She uses initiative games and experiences to help the girls and their families make positive, lasting changes. This modality improves communication skills, bonding, problem resolution, leadership acquisition, and developing support systems.

Karie loves spending time with people, traveling, experiencing history sites. She enjoys sewing, quilting, reading, and doing anything where she gets to know everyone's business, bosses people around, and gets to play! What she loves most about her job, is that she gets to see people become happy, productive human beings.

During her experience as a recreation therapist, she has worked at Utah State Hospital (Mentally Ill), Atascadero State Hospital (Criminally Insane), Psychiatric Nursing Home, Charter Canyon Hospital (Acute Psychiatric Hospital), The Gathering Place (Substance Abuse and Addictions), Center for Women and Children in Crisis (Domestic Violence), and New Haven Residential Treatment Center (Adolescent Girls). Currently, she is thrilled to be at Maple Lake Academy (Adolescent Girls).

Karie Swenson, CTRS, MA—Recreation Therapy Director

Jason Anderson - Psychiatrist

Dr. Jason Anderson, a board certified child psychiatrist has been with Maple Lake Academy since June of 2007. He was born in Alamogorgdo, New Mexico. He attended Medical school at Oklahoma State University, and did his psychology residency and fellowship at University of South Dakota. He and his wife have lived in Utah for 3 years and have 4 children. His hobbies include baking, cheese making, and woodworking.

Jason Anderson - Psychiatrist

Anna Tidwell - Equine Therapist

Involved with equine therapy for over twenty years, Anna has trained and certified through Utah State University, North American Riding for the Handicapped Association, A.V.A. and continues her education through regular participation in various seminars and clinics.

Anna has been involved with Equine Vaulting (gymnastics and dance on the back of a moving horse), with her team bringing home to Utah several National Championship Titles and numerous Regional Championship Titles.

Anna is especially enthusiastic about helping people or animals with special needs. She has worked extensively with adolescents and adults with learning disabilities, emotional problems and physical impairments. Anna understands and believes in the value of equine therapy for the purpose of contributing positively to the cognitive, physical, emotional and social well being of people young and old.

A mother of six, a small business owner and always the first to volunteer in the community, Anna feels she possesses a wealth of life experience to share with her students as they interact during all aspects of equine related activities. She truly cares about each individual and teaches with the primary goal being a safe, enjoyable experience for both rider and equine.

As well as anything equine related, Anna enjoys gardening, cooking, biking, and reading. She is especially excited about her two grandchildren and plans to rodeo with them every summer.

Anna Tidwell- Equine Therapist

Holly Orgill - Residential Director

Holly Stansbury obtained her Bachelor's Degree in Marriage, Family and Human Development at Brigham Young University. Through her college experiences, she found her passion and ability to work with many different types of people. She lived in Santiago, Chile for 18 months where she learned Spanish and an understanding for families of different cultures. She volunteered at the Special Education Seminary where she helped severely challenged autistic children. She also worked at a Community Center at Timpanogos elementary where she taught parenting classes to Latina mothers and a 4-H class to students ages 6-8 in the afterschool program. Another exciting experience was being involved with the Flourishing Families National Study of Family Life, where she traveled to Seattle, WA to interview families for a long term research project on family resiliency. All of these experiences have taught her about the importance of the individual and their need to connect, find success and be happy.

Holly is a very energetic and happy person who loves life and all that it has to offer. She has greatly enjoyed the past year that she has worked with the students here at Maple Lake. She finds joy in seeing them make changes and become the young ladies that they are capable of becoming.

Holly Stansbury- Assistant Residential Manager

Elizabeth (Beth) Palethorpe. - Office Manager/Bookkeeper

Beth was born in South Africa. She speaks three languages, English/ Afrikaans and Zulu.. After graduating High School she enrolled at the Durban Business College in South Africa, where she gained her Secretarial and Bookkeeping diplomas. Beth was employed for 20 years at the University of Natal, Faculty of Medicine, where her secretarial and bookkeeping skills were used extensively. While employed at there, Dr. Ann Barrett, a Psychiatrist, who lectured part time, offered Beth a position to work for her in her busy Psychiatric Practice. Beth accepted the offer and worked for seven years as Receptionist,Office Manager and Bookkeeper. Beth became familiar with the challenges patients faced with Depression, BiPolar Disorders and Schizophrenia. She developed a deep love and compassion for these patients. Beth and her family emigrated to the U.S.A. in November 1996. She came to Maple Lake Academy in August 2006. She loves being part of this great school, which provides such important care and love for the young girls with their diverse challenges.

Beth and her family lived on a farm and raised a dairy herd and bred pigs. She has also owned a fast food restaurant and she her husband also developed and ran a RV Park in South Africa. She is married and is a dedicated mother of three daughters and one son. She has nineteen grandchildren and two great granddaughters. She loves working with children of all ages. Her hobbies are gardening, Genealogy and swimming. She loves the outdoors and camping.

Elizabeth (Beth) Palethorpe. - Office Manager/Bookkeeper

Suzanne Vasquez - Chef/Kitchen Manager

Suzanne is new to Maple Lake Academy but comes here with a wealth of experience in cooking. She graduated from Utah Valley Community College in Food Service Management and Food Preparation.

She has worked at an elderly rest home in their kitchen and Mountain View Hospital where she specialized in the baking and food prep area.

While she was at Mountain View Hospital she designed and managed a Community Catering Service out of the hospital, as there was nothing available in the area. It grew with such a good reputation that she purchased the catering service when the Hospital sold to another company and decided to quit catering.

She and her family have grown up catering many activities. She has had the privilege of catering the Miss Utah Pageant and also the Governor of Utah. Suzanne is well known for her good homemade cooking.

Suzanne was raised on a farm and was taught early the importance of hard work and doing the task right the first time. That has always been her motto to this day.

Suzanne has been married for 32 years, has 7 children and 20 grandchildren. She is active in her church where she is the organist and all around planner of everything. She loves art and music. Suzanne is excited to be here at Maple Lake Academy and hopes to have a positive influence on all the students attending here.

Suzanne Vasquez- Chef/Kitchen Manager
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